本文摘要:今天小编为大家分享的是人教版高中英语必修一~选修八各单元的重点短语,大家一定要好悦目一看!必修1Unit1. Friendship1. add up 合计2. upset vt14. take a chance 冒险15. in rags 衣衫褴褛16. indeed 真正地17. as for 关于,至于Unit4. Astronomy:the science of stars18. system 系统,体系19. theory 学说,理论20. violent 猛烈的,


今天小编为大家分享的是人教版高中英语必修一~选修八各单元的重点短语,大家一定要好悦目一看!必修1Unit1. Friendship1. add up 合计2. upset vt&vi 弄翻,使…不安,使心烦,扰乱adj. 心烦意乱的,不舒服的,不适的,惆怅的.3. ignore不理睬、忽视4. calm (使)平静、(使)镇定calm down 平静/镇定下来5. have got to 不得不、必须6. concern (使)担忧、涉及、关系到be concerned about…体贴,记挂7. go through 履历、经受8. set down 记下、放下、挂号9. a series of 一系列10. on purpose 居心11. in order to 为了……12. at dusk 在黄昏时刻13. face to face 面临面地14. no longer/not…any longer 不再……15. settle 安家、定居、停留16. suffer 遭受、忍受、履历17. suffer from 遭受、患病18. recover 痊愈、恢复、重新获得19. get/be tired of 对……厌烦20. pack 捆扎,包装/包裹21. pack (sth) up 将(工具)装箱打包22. get along with 与……相处23. fall in love 爱上24. disagree 差别意25. join in 到场 Unit2. English around the world1. because of 因为、由于2. come up 走近、上来、提出3. actually 实际上、事实上4. base 以…为基础,基本5. at present 现在6. make use of 使用7. such as 例如8. command 下令、指令、掌握9. request 请求、要求10. play a part in 饰演一个角色11. recognize 辨认出、认可、公认12. straight 直接、挺直、笔直的Unit3. Travel journal1. transport 运输、运送2. prefer 更喜欢3. ever since 从那以后4. persuade 劝说5. graduate 结业、大学结业生6. finally 最后;终于7. schedule 时间表;为某事摆设时间8. be fond of 喜欢9. organize 组织;建立10. care about 体贴;忧虑;11. change one’s mind 改变主意12. journey 旅行、旅程13. make up one’s mind 下刻意14. give in 投降;屈服15. attitude 态度,看法16. as usual 照常17. reliable 可信赖的18. at midnight 在午夜Unit4. Earthquakes1. right away 连忙马上2. burst 爆裂,发作,突然破裂3. as if 好像,似乎4. at an end 竣事,5. ruin 废墟 ,使破产in ruins 严重受损,破败不堪6. injure 损害,伤害7. destroy 破坏,破坏,消失8. shock 震惊;震动,休克9. rescue 援救,营救10. trap 使陷入逆境,陷阱11. dig out 掘出,发现12. bury 埋葬,掩埋,隐藏13. a (great) number of 大量的Unit5. Nelson mandela-a modern hero1. quality 质量,品质,性质2. active 努力的,活跃的3. devote 献身,专心于4. out of work 失业5. vote 投票,选举6. attack 进攻,攻击7. as a matter of fact 事实上8. equal 平等的9. in trouble 在难题的处境中10. turn to 求助于11. lose heart 灰心12. escape 逃脱,逃走,泄漏13. educate 教育,训练14. come to power 掌权,上台15. beg 请求,祈求16. reward 酬劳,奖金,夸奖17. set up 设立,建设18. be sentenced to 被判处(徒刑)19. opinion 意见,看法必修2Unit1. Cultural relics1. survive 幸免,生存,生还2. in search of 寻找3. select 挑选4. design 设计,图案,构想5. fancy 奇特的,异样的,想象6. decorate 装饰,装潢7. belong to 属于8. in return 作为回报9. at war 处于征战中10. remove 移动,搬动11. less than 少于12. doubt 怀疑13. worth 值得的,相当于…的价值14. take apart 拆开15. explode 爆炸16. sink 下沉,沉下17. think highly of 高度评价Unit2. The Olympic Game1. compete 角逐,竞争2. take part in 到场,到场3. stand for 代表,象征,表现4. admit 容许,接纳,认可5. as well 也,又,还6. host 做东,招待,主人7. replace 取代8. charge 收费,控诉in charge 主管,看守9. advertise I做广告,登广告10. bargain 讨价还价,讲条件,自制货11. one after another 一个接一个地12. deserve 应受(酬金或处罚)Unit3. Computer1. solve 解决;解答2. from…on 从…...时起3. as a result 效果4. so…that 如此…以至于5. explore 探索,探测,研究6. anyhow 无论如何,纵然如此7. goal 目的,球门,得分8. human race 人类9. signal 发信号,信号10. type 类型,打字11. in a way 在某种水平上12. arise 泛起,发生13. with the help of 在…...的资助下14. electronic 电子的15. deal with 处置惩罚16. watch over 看守,监视Unit4. Wildlife protection1. die out 死亡、逐渐消失2. hunt 狩猎,猎取3. in peace 宁静地,宁静地4. in danger of 在危险中5. in relief 如释重负,松了口吻6. burst into laughter 突然笑起来7. protect…from 掩护…不受…之害8. contain 包罗,容纳,容忍9. affect影响,感动,侵袭10. pay attention to 注意11. appreciate 鉴赏,感谢12. succeed 乐成,接替13. employ 雇佣,使用14. harm 危害15. bite 咬,叮16. come into being 形成,发生17. inspect 检查,视察18. according to 根据,凭据19. so that 以至于Unit5. Music1. roll 转动,摇晃,卷,2. dream of 梦见,梦想3. to be honest 实话说4. attach 系上,附加attach …to 认为有……(重要性、意义)5. form 组成,形成,组成6. earn 赚,挣得7. perform 演出,执行,推行8. in cash 用现金,有现钱9. play jokes on 戏弄10. rely on 依赖,依靠11. be/get familiar with 熟悉12. or so 约莫13. break up 打碎,破裂14. in addition 另外15. sort out 分类16. above all 最重要,首先必修3Unit1. Festivals around the world1. take place 发生2. religious 宗教的3. in memory of 纪念4. belief 信任,信心,信仰5. dress up 盛装,妆扮6. trick 企图,窍门7. play a trick on 搞开玩笑,诈骗8. gain 获得9. gather 搜集,荟萃10. award 奖品,授予11. admire 赞美,钦佩12. look forward to 期望,盼愿13. day and night 日夜14. as though 似乎15. have fun with 玩的开心16. permission 许可,允许17. turn up 泛起,加入18. keep one’s word 守信用19. hold one’s breath 屏息20. apologize致歉21. obvious 显然的22. set off 出发,动身,使爆炸23. remind of 提醒Unit2. Healthy eating1. diet 日常饮食,节食2. balance 平衡,天平3. fry 油炸4. ought to 应该5. lose weigh 减肥6. raw 生的,未加工的7. get away with 被放过,(做坏事)不受处罚8. tell a lie 说谎9. win…back 赢回10. strength强项,优点,气力11. consult 咨询,请教12. earn one’s living 营生13. debt 债14. in debt 欠债15. limit 限制,界线16. benefit 利益17. combine 团结,联合18. cut down 削减,删节19. before long 不久以后20. put on weight 增加体重Unit3. The million pound bank note1. bring up 抚育2. scene 现场,景致3. permit 许可,通行证4. go ahead 前进5. by accident 偶然6. stare 注视,盯着看7. stare at 盯着看8. spot 发现,认出,黑点,污点9. account 说明,总计有,账目,10. account for 导致,做出解释11. seek 探索,寻求12. contrary 反面,对立面13. on the contrary 与此相反u&14. take a chance 冒险15. in rags 衣衫褴褛16. indeed 真正地17. as for 关于,至于Unit4. Astronomy:the science of stars18. system 系统,体系19. theory 学说,理论20. violent 猛烈的,猛烈的,21. in time 实时,终于22. unlike 差别,不像23. harmful 有害的24. lay eggs 下蛋25. exist 存在,生存26. give birth to 发生,临盆27. in one’s turn 轮到某人28. prevent from 阻止29. puzzle 谜,难题/使疑惑30. pull 拉,牵引力31. cheer up 感应振奋32. now that 既然33. break out 突发,发作34. watch out 密切注视Unit5. Canada-the true north1. rather than 与其,不愿2. chat 谈天,闲聊3. surround 困绕,围绕4. measure 丈量,权衡,判断5. settle down 定居,平静下来6. manage to do 设法做7. catch sight of 瞥见,瞥见8. have a gift for 对…有天赋9. within 在…之内,10. border 界限,国界,边缘,与…接壤11. mix 混淆,调配12. mixture 混淆物13. confirm 证实,证明,批准14. distance 距离,远方15. in the distance 在远处16. nearby 在四周17. tradition 传统,习俗18. impress 使印象深刻必修4Unit 1 Women of achievement1. human beings 人类2. campaign 运动,战役3. behave 行为4. shade 阴凉处5. move off 脱离,启程6. observe 视察7. respect 尊重8. argue 讨论,辩说9. lead a...life 过着…的生活10. crowd in 涌入脑海11. support 支持12. look down upon/on 看不起13. refer to 查阅,参考,涉及14. by chance 碰巧15. come across 偶遇16. intend 计划,计划17. deliver 提送,生(小孩),接生,揭晓(演说)18. carry on 继续,坚持Unit 2 Working the land1. struggle 斗争2. expand 使变大,伸展3. thanks to 幸亏,由于4. rid 挣脱5. rid…of 挣脱,除去6. be satisfied with 对…感应满足7. would rather宁愿8. therefore 因此9. export 出口10. regret 忏悔,遗憾11. build up 逐渐增加,建设,开发12. lead to 导致13. focus on 集中与14. reduce 淘汰15. keep...free from/of 使…免受影响16. comment 评论,议论Unit 3 A taste of English humor1. up to now 直到现在2. content 满足的,满足的3. feel/be content with 对…满足4. badly off 穷的,缺少的5. entertain 使欢喜,款待6. overcome 战胜,克服7. pick out 挑出,分辨出8. cut off 切断,隔离9. convince 使信服10. direct 导演,指挥;直接的11. star in 担任主角12. slide 使滑动13. whisper 耳语,低语14. react 做出反映,回应Unit 4 Body language1. represent 代表,象征2. approach 靠近,靠近3. defend 掩护,守卫4. defend against 守卫…以免受5. likely 可能的6. be likely to 很可能7. in general 总的来说,通常8. ease 清闲,减轻9. at ease 舒适,自由自在10. lose face 难看11. turn one’s back to 背对,背弃Unit 5 Theme parks1. be famous for 以…闻名2. swing 秋千,摇摆3. no wonder 难怪,屡见不鲜4. preserve 生存,保留,掩护区5. be modeled after 仿造6. advance 前进,促进7. in advance 提前8. get close to 靠近9. come to life 活跃起来必修5Unit 1 Great scientists1. put forward 提出2. conclude 竣事,结论3. draw a conclusion 得出结论4. defeat 打败5. attend 照顾,照顾护士,出席6. expose to 使显露7. cure 治愈,治疗8. challenge 挑战9. suspect 怀疑,被怀疑者10. blame 责备11. handle 柄,把手,处置惩罚,掌控12. link 联系,毗连13. link to 将…和…毗连14. announce 宣布15. contribute 募捐,孝敬16. apart from 除了17. be strict with 对…严格18. make sense 讲的通,有意义19. spin 使旋转20. reject 拒绝,扬弃Unit 2 The united kingdom1. consist 组成,在于,一致2. consist of 由…组成3. divide…into 把…分成4. break away from 脱离5. to one’s credit 在…的名下,为…带来荣誉6. attract 吸引,引起注意7. leave out 省去,遗漏,不思量8. plus 加上,和,正的9. take the place of 取代10. break down 损坏,破坏11. arrange 摆设12. fold 折叠,对折13. delight 快乐,兴奋,喜悦Unit 3 Life in the future1. impression 印象,感想2. take up 拿起,开始,继续3. constant 时常发生的,一连不停的4. previous 在前的,早先的5. guide 指导,向导6. lack 缺乏,没有7. lose sight of 看不见8. sweep up 横扫9. slide into 移动,溜进10. optimistic 乐观的11. speed up 加速12. desert 沙漠13. instant 瞬间,片刻14. settlement 定居,解决Unit 4 Making the news15. delighted 快乐的,欣喜的16. assist 资助,协助17. process 加工,处置惩罚,历程,法式18. concentrate on 集中,聚集19. acquire 获得,学到20. assess 评估,评定21. inform 通知22. depend on 依靠23. accuse… of 控诉24. so as to 为了25. demand 需求,要求26. ahead of 在…前面27. approve 赞成,许可Unit 5 First aid1. first aid 抢救2. fall ill 生病3. poison 毒药,使中毒4. electric shock 触电,电休克5. swell 使膨胀,隆起6. squeeze 榨,挤7. squeeze out 榨出,挤出8. over and over again 重复,多次9. in place 在适当的位置10. pour 倒,灌11. a number of 许多12. put one’s hands on 找到13. treat 治疗,看待,款待14. apply 应用,运用,申请15. make a difference 区别看待,有影响,起(重要)作用必修6Unit1. Artaim n. 目的;目的 vi. & vt. 瞄准;(向某偏向)努力typical adj. 典型的;有代表性的adopt vt. 接纳;采取;收养possess vt. 拥有;具有;支配a great deal 大量attempt n. 努力;实验;企图 vt. 实验;企图on the other hand (可是)另一方面predict vt. 预言;预告;预测specific adj. 确切的;特定的appeal vi. 有熏染力;呼吁;求助 vt. 将……上诉 n. 呼吁;恳求appeal to (对某人)有吸引力;(使某人)感兴趣Unit2. Poemsconcrete adj. 详细的flexible adj. 灵活的;可弯曲的;柔顺的take it easy 轻松;不紧张;从容run out of 用完be made up of 由……组成in particular 尤其;特别eventually adv. 最后;终于transform vi. & vt. 转化;转换;革新变换appropriate adj. 适当的;正当的exchange n. 交流;交流;交换 vt. & vi. 更换;交流sponsor n. 赞助人;主办者;倡议者 vt. 提倡;举行;倡议try out 测试;试验let out 发出;放走Unit3. A healthy lifeabuse n. & vt. 滥用;荼毒stress n. 压力;重音 vt. 加压力于;使紧张ban vt. 克制;取缔 n. 禁令;谴责due adj. 欠款的;预定的;到期的due to 由于……automatic adj. 无意识的;自动mental adj. 精神的;智力的effect n. 效果;效力strengthen vt. 增强;牢固;使坚强 vi. 变强decide on 对……作出决议feel like (doing) 想要(做)……desperate adj. 绝望的,拼命的disappointed adj. 失望的;沮丧的ashamed adj. 感应内疚或羞耻的in spite of 掉臂;不管take risks (a risk) 冒险get into 陷入;染上(坏习惯)at risk 处境危险;遭受危险awkward adj. 局促不安的;鸠拙的Unit4. Global warmingcome about 发生;造成subscribe to 同意;赞成;订购quantity n. 量;数量quantities of 大量的tend vi. 趋向;易于;照顾 vt. 照顾;照顾护士go up 上升;增长;升起result in 导致oppose vt. 阻挡;反抗;与(某人)较量opposed adj. 阻挡的;对立的be opposed to 阻挡……state vt. 陈述;说明range n. 种类;规模even if 纵然keep on 继续glance vi. 看一下;扫视 n. 一瞥steady adj. 平稳的;连续的;稳固的steadily adv. 平稳地;连续地tendency n. 倾向;趋势widespread adj. 漫衍广的;普遍的on the whole 大要上;基本上average adj. 平均的on behalf of 代表……一方;作为……的代言人put up with 忍受;容忍so long as 只要an so on 等等circumstance n. 情况;情况Unit5 The power of naturealongside adv. 在旁边;沿着边 prep. 在…旁边;沿着…的边appoint vt. 任命;委派wave n. 海浪;波涛 vi. 颠簸;起伏;挥手absolute adj. 绝对的;完全的absolutely adv.绝对地;完全地suit n. 一套外衣;套装 vt. 适合;使适宜make one’s way 前往potential n. 潜在性;可能性;潜能 adj. 可能的;潜在的actual adj. 实在的;实际的shoot (shot, shot) vt. 射中;射伤anxious adj. 忧虑的;不安的anxiety n. 担忧;焦虑;盼望panic (panicked, panicked) vi. & vt. 惊慌 n. 惊慌;恐慌glance through 急忙看一遍vary from…to… 由……到……不等guarantee vt. 保证;担保必修7Unit1. Living wellaccess 靠近的方法;通路;可靠近性adapt 使适应;改编adapt to 适合adequate 足够的;充实的all in all 总而言之all the best(祝你)一切顺利ambition 雄心 野心annoy 使……不悦;烦恼annoyed 颇为生气的as well as 和,也beneficial 有益的;受益的conduct 行为 品行 指挥congratulate 祝贺;庆贺cut out 切去;省略;停止(做某事)in many ways 在许多方面in other words 换句话说make fun of 取消meet with 遇到;会晤;履历never mind 不必担忧out of breath 上气不接下气resign 辞去sit around 闲坐着Unit2. Robotsaccompany 陪同;伴奏alarm 使警醒;使恐慌;警报;恐慌set aside 将……放在一边;为……节约bound 一定的;密切相关的be bound to 一定做……declare 宣布;声明;讲明desire 盼望;欲望;渴求divorce 仳离;隔离关系favour 喜爱;恩惠in all 一共junior 较年幼的;资历较浅的;职位较低的leave…alone 不管;别惹;让……一小我私家呆着;和……单独在一起obey 听从ring up 给…..打电话staff 全体员工sympathy 同情心talent 天才;特殊能力;才干test out 磨练turn around 转向;回转Unit3. Under the seaabandon 遗弃,放弃annual 每年的 年刊the Antarctic 南极洲aware 意识到的be/become aware of 对……知道;明确;意识到drag 拖;拉;扯help(…)out 帮之某人挣脱逆境或危难neat 好的;整齐的;匀称的pause 暂停;终止purchase 买;购置reflect 思考scare 吓唬;使吓唬scare to death 吓死了upside down 上下翻转urge 敦促;尽力主张witness 就地见到;眼见者Unit4. Sharingadjust 调整;使适合(be) dying to 极想;盼望click (使)发出咔哒声distribute 分配;分发donate 捐赠dry out 使浸水之物完全变干dry up 干枯hear from 接到……的信in need 在逆境中otherwise 否则;否则;用此外方法participate 到场;到场relevant 有关的the other day 不久前的一天voluntary 自愿的Unit5. Traveling abroadabundant 富厚的acknowledge 认可;确认;答谢adjust to 适应;调治as far as one is concerned 就……而言comfort 舒适,慰藉contradict 反驳day in and day out 日复一日draft 草稿fit in 相适合;相融合govern 统治keep it up 保持结果优秀;继续干下去occupy 占用;占领;占据out of the question 不行能的;不值得讨论recommend 推荐;建议settle in (迁入新居,更换事情后)安置下来substitute 取代者;代用品 用…取代…必修8Unit1. A land of diversitya great/good many 许多apply for 申请;请示获得back to back 背靠背by means of… 用…方法;借助elect 选举某人;选择;决议做某事hire 租用;招聘indicate 指出;标示;讲明;表示keep up 坚持;继续;沿袭(民俗、传统)live on 继续存在;继续生存make a life 习惯新的生活方式、事情等mark out 划线;标出…界线team up with 与…互助或一起事情reform 革新;革新;革新;改良slip 滑动;滑行;滑跤take in 包罗;吸收occur 发生;泛起Unit2. Cloningobject 阻挡;不赞成obtain 获得;赢得owe 欠(账、钱、人情;归功于pay off 获得好效果;取得乐成;偿清resist 反抗;反抗retire 退休;脱离strike 打;撞击;歇工strike...into one\\\\'s heart 使…铭肌镂骨in vain 白艰苦气;枉费心机in favour of 赞成;支持in good/poor condition 状况很好(坏);情况很好(坏)cast(cast,cast) 扔;投;掷(be)cast down 沮丧;不愉快Bother 打扰;费心;烦扰bring back to life 使复生;使复生(be)bound to(do) 一定或注定(做)Unit3. Inventors and inventionsassociate 遐想;联系(be)bound to(do) 一定或注定(做)bear(bore,borne) 忍受;忍耐;肩负call up 给…打电话dive into 迅速把手伸入;一心投入file 文件;档案;文件夹;归档;提交get through 没法联系上(买通电话);(没法)做完;通过hang on 不挂断;稍等;牢牢握住nowhere 无处;随处都无out of order 序次颠倒;发生故障ring back 回复电话ring off 挂断电话seize 抓住;捉住;夺set about 开始;着手set out(to do) 开始(做)tap 轻打;轻拍;轻敲;(水)龙头Unit4. Pygmalionclassify 编排;分类;归类Compromise 妥协;折衷Fade (使)褪色;削弱;逐渐消失fade out (声音、画面)逐渐模糊;渐淡from time to time 不时;偶然generally speaking 一般说来in need of 需要in terms of 就...来说;从...角度make one\\\\'s acquaintance 结识;与...相见once more 再一次overlook 俯视;忽视;不剖析remark 谈论;言论;评述;说起show…in 带或领…进来Unit5. Meeting your ancestorsarrest 逮捕;拘留;吸引Assume 假定;设想;认为regardless of 掉臂;不管cut up 切碎date back 追溯到…(be)fed up with 受够了;饱受;厌烦Interrupt 打断...讲话;打岔;暂时中断或中止look ahead 向前看;为未来计划at most 至多;最多


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