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  Fees & Applications
For Internship Programme
For Chinese Language Programme
For Internship Programme

Costs and Starting Date for 2014
Prices (applicable for internships in Beijing and Shanghai/Guangzhou)
Internship Package A (without accommodation)
Follow us to a rewarding internship in China.
Starting an exhilarating package of internships in China
with only 1380 USD or 900 GBP for one month,1880 USD or 1218 GBP for two months in Beijing, in Shanghai, in Qingdao, at any cities and locations.

Internships package including:

  • Internships Placement
  • Arrival Pickup and guided transfer to accomodation.
  • Welcome orientation by professionals from CISC Global
  • Free 5 hours basic Chinese language learning
  • City Card for public transportation
  • SIM card for instant mobile use
  • English city map
  • Visa invitation letter
  • Housing assistance
  • One Culture or Business event
  • 24 hour assistance in daily life and intern activities.
  • Complimentary membership of Regent Club
  • Intern Certificate

Following are not included in the Internship package. We would be ready to offer our help if needed:

  • Accommodation at a convenient location (near major bus line/subway and stores), one bedroom apartment with full kitchen, utilities and maid services included --- USD 1280.00 per month
  • Accommodation at a convenient location (near major bus line/subway and stores), on bedroom apartment with full kitchen, no maid service, utilities not included (excluding bill - average USD40.00/month – 10 minutes hot water shower once a day) --- USD 950.00 per month
  • Accommodation at a convenient location ( near major bus line/subway and stores), shared common area with two to three roommates ( common area – kitchen, living room and dining area), private room with own bathroom, utilities and maid service not included (excluding bill - average USD70.00/month – 10 minutes hot water shower once a day) --- USD 650.00 per month
  • Accommodation at a hotel type of room with maid service, utilities included but no kitchen. USD 800.00 per month One session ( 16 hours ) of Chinese language learning (private),each session --- USD 280.00
  • Weekend hiking in Beijing suburbs, each time, USD 25.00
  • Culture events (entertainments like Kungfu Show, Acrobatic Show, etc) ,each event, USD 30.00
  • One day City bicycle Tour, each time, USD 35.00
  • Two days excursion to Xian with the Terra Cotta Museum (by train)  USD 388.00
  • Seven days excursion to Lhasa (by train)  USD 888.00

Internship Package B (Standard Package with Accommodation)
see Table 1, covering the following items:

  • Placement with the agreed company or organization
  • Invitation Letter in order to obtain a Visa before departure;
  • Airport Pick-up upon arrival and drop-off upon leaving China
  • Induction meetings with CISC staff and the employer representative;
  • Accommodation:- a standard two or three room furnished apartment shared with other interns, including bedding and water, gas and electricity costs
  • Free Five hours Mandarin lessons
  • Welcome package including City orientation and map, prepaid transportation card etc.
  • A free and well-chosen Chinese name before departure.
  • Reference Letter on departure from CISC and the Employer
  • English speaking mentor within your company
  • Social events including acrobatics shows, karaoke nights and other events
  • Networking events with foreign and local business chambers and universities
  • Optional volunteering opportunity with local charity/schools in Beijing/Shanghai.
  • Joining CISC Global alumni network and events 

Table 1 - Service Charge:

3 Months

2 Months

1 Month












Note: For applications made earlier than three months before the starting date, a 6 percent deduction will be offered.

Deposit: £250 or $390USD, which is to be deducted from the Service Charge outlined above.

Start Dates - valid for 1 to 6 month programmes:

Year 2014:

  • 5th January 2014 - Apply by 5 December
  • 2nd February 2014 - Apply by 2 December
  • 1st March 2014 - Apply by 1 February 
  • 3rd April 2014 - Apply by 17 February
  • 5th May 2014 - Apply by 3 April
  • 7th June 2014 - Apply by 5 May
  • 5th July 2014 - Apply by 7 June
  • 9th August 2014 - Apply by 5 July
  • 6th September 2014 - Apply by 9 August
  • 11th October 2014 - Apply by 6 September
  • 8th November 2014 - Apply by 11 October
  • 6th December 2014 - Apply by 8 November

 Note: Applicants can choose the above dates to start. We also offer flexible start dates based on your individual needs. You may choose your preferred dates on the Application Form.


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